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Yelena has posted what looks to be an excellent recipe for пельмени [pelmeni], along with the usual wonderful sprinkling of excellent info about Russian language, expressions, culture and a peek into «загадочная русская душа» [the mysterious Russian soul]. 


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In search of a copy of  “The Master of Margarita”, I went to мой русский район (my Russian neighborhood) in Los Angeles.  It is so close to me, only a couple of miles, that I’m always surprised at myself,  that I don’t go there more often.  This small bookstore on Santa Monica Blvd. is where I usually go for Russian books.

I was pleased that I was able to converse with the owner exclusively in Russian.  Shopping is great practice, of course, because there are predictable things, and you can rehearse the conversation before going in the shop.  Like many things, a good start in conversing in a foreign language goes a long way to helping your confidence.   I think it’s a good idea to script it out:

“Hello!  Do you have The Master and Margarita by Bulgokov?”

Здравствуйте!  У Вас есть «Мастер и Маргарита» Булгакова?

And that’s what I said.  He replied, “Конечно!”   After all, what kind of a Russian bookstore would it be without a copy of one of the most famous Russian novels of the 20th century?   (more…)

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In addition to studying Russian, I also love to cook and to eat.  It occurred to me that it might be an interesting thing to practice my reading by finding a recipe site in Russian.  It’s good language practice and also provides insights into Russian culture.

I found this site: http://www.receptik.com It’s very interesting!   Don’t be scared by the cute little hedgehogs (ёжики).  They are one of the recipes and aren’t really hedgehogs! :-)


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